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Our Vision

“…we believe that, given the right circumstances, everybody is capable of extraordinary things…”

With this in mind, our vision is:

“to create a family of schools, within which students are empowered and supported to achieve extraordinary outcomes – preparing them for a fulfilling life.”

Our Values

We will be distinctive not just in what we do but how we do it, abiding by our values of

  • Aspirationthe belief that everyone can achieve something great – and does their best
  • Honestybeing truthful, genuine, open and trustworthy
  • Respectcaring for the feelings, wishes or rights of others & yourself

Our Core Principles

To ensure that we achieve our Vision in the right way, and with integrity, the Trust will operate in accordance with the following principles:


  • Ensuring our schools are open to, and supportive of, every child and their family.
  • Supporting the social, emotional, and academic development of every child, so they are intrinsically motivated and free to learn.

Supporting parental choice

Ensuring families have the information needed to choose the right school for their child.

  • Always acting to promote choice & competition within localities.

Promoting knowledge-based curriculums

  • Development & implementation of knowledge-based curriculums across all our schools, as the best way to raise academic achievement and aspirations for all our students.


  • Both within our family of schools and through working with community, regional and national partners, to access best practice and support for our staff, students and their families.


  • Recognising our responsibilities as a publicly-funded organisation, being open at all levels about how we work, and welcoming feedback as a way to continuously improve what we do.

The Responsibilities of Trustees

The Trust Board has a specific statutory responsibility to:

  1. Provide a strategic direction for the work of the Trust
  2. Support, challenge, monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of the Trust; and
  3. Hold the Trust to account for the educational standards achieved and for the quality of education provided.

Providing strategic direction

  • Trustees are responsible, with the Executive Principal, for the long term view of the development of the Trust.
  • The visons and values and core principles for the Trust should be discussed and agreed annually.
  • The Trust’s Development Plan should be long term, with clear short term actions, and feed into its schools’ Development Plans.
  • Funding and resources should be planned and allocated to meet the needs of the plan, both short and long term.
  • The Executive Principal and Senior Trust staff are responsible for the day-to-day management of the Trust, and oversight of its schools.


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