Bedford Free School

Set up in 2012 by local teachers and parents, Bedford Free School exists to offer families a choice in Bedford.

We believe that the quality of state education in the United Kingdom can be significantly better.

We therefore strive to show what can be different. A very large number of teachers and school leaders from across the country have come to visit us to see our very high expectations of staff and pupils in action.

Bedford Free School is a unique school with a fantastic educational offer. We really do believe that our pupils can go on to achieve extraordinary things. In our young history, we have proved they can.

We are not afraid to try new ideas, learn from the best schools internationally, and to stop doing things that don’t benefit our pupils.

BFS is a small school of only around 500 pupils, so staff get to know each pupil as an individual and we have a family feel. This allows us to encourage, demand and collectively strive for academic and personal success. Where necessary, class sizes are kept extremely small to ensure every pupil makes the progress they are capable of.

We believe that all pupils deserve a ‘grammar-school’ style education, with access to an academic curriculum, strong discipline, high expectations and access to highly selective universities, and a wide range of extra-curricular activities. We run a longer school day, and the building is open until 6pm for use by pupils. We also run ‘The Electives Programme’—extra-curricular activities during the school day that all pupils take part in. Examples from the huge range of electives is shown elsewhere in this prospectus.

All pupils go on visits and can travel internationally, and all Year Seven pupils complete our annual trip to climb Mount Snowdon. This is symbolic of the mountain that they climb through their time at Bedford Free School to gain access to the most selective universities.

We offer extensive support, including ‘prep’ – supervised study time daily – and our free tuition after school for pupils who have been identified by teachers as needing a bit extra to keep up with our very high expectations.

We take our values of Respect, Honesty and High Expectations very seriously. Every day we talk about them during our morning address. They underpin our routines, our curriculum, and what we strive to develop in our pupils.

We work hard on our culture in which the highest expectations and aspirations surround all of our pupils, delivering on our families demand for excellent educational opportunities.

In turn, we expect our pupils to work very hard to meet the high expectations that the school and parents have of them. Our aim is that pupils who come to Bedford Free School break through any barriers and achieve their full potential.




Students at Bedford Free School

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