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Advantage Schools is an ambitious Multi-Academy Trust (MAT) located in Bedford.

Formed in April 2017, the Trust runs Elstow School and Bedford Free School. The Trust believes very strongly in its values, which guide everything that it does.

Advantage Schools serves its communities – the pupils and families of Bedford, Elstow and Kempston – in order to offer a real choice of education. We specialise in an academic education that offers excellent outcomes, a great learning environment with routines and structures that ensure excellent behaviour, and phenomenal extra-curricular opportunities.

Advantage Schools is genuinely comprehensive, and believes that every child can go on to achieve extraordinary things.

We ensure that our curriculum is rich in knowledge, expect hard work and do not make excuses. We believe in working together with families to support our high expectations that meet young peoples’ aspirations. We believe every pupil should have the option to go to university at 18, and for the vast majority this should be the choice of highly-selective universities. We hence craft our curriculum around the core knowledge contained in traditional academic subjects. We believe all of our pupils have a right to the assumed knowledge that educated people take for granted, and therefore we aspire to ensure that all of our pupils join the community of educated citizens.

We are outward-facing, sharing all of what we do with other MATs, professionals and anyone who is interested.

If you are a prospective family, pupil, colleague or a school or trust interested in working closer with us, we’d love to hear from you!

Elstow School is a primary in the village of Elstow. The centre of its community, it has a close-knit community-centred governing body. The School, in common with the Trust, works closely with other schools to maximise the standards of teaching, and to ensure high quality development of the curriculum.  

Elstow is at the forefront of nationwide developments of the curriculum for primary age children.  We teach a knowledge-based curriculum, and the key facts are available on the school website.  As pupils learn more about the world, they develop confidence, enthusiasm and a thirst to know more.

Advantage Schools believes that there should be opportunity for every child to be the best they can, and Elstow’s teaching, curriculum and very strong history of supporting social and emotional development means that we are well-placed to meet our vision.  

Bedford Free School is a secondary established in 2012, and has grown to become a centre of excellence for students between Year 7 and Year 11. It plays a key role at the heart of the community it serves.

At Bedford Free School there is a culture of the highest expectations and aspirations, delivering on the rightful demand from parents in Bedford and Kempston for an excellent education opportunity for their children.

Bedford Free School is now one of the highest performing schools in the region. It hosts visits from hundreds of school leaders over each year who come to see the routines, structure, unique pedagogy and approach to curriculum.

Advantage Schools has approval to open a further school, and is in conversation with other schools about joining. We are open to discussions with those who share our values and have a commitment to a knowledge-based curriculum.