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We can also accept new participants to our 2022-2024 cohort
We are delighted to partner with education charity, Ambition Institute, to deliver fully funded support for your Early Career Teachers and mentors.
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How can we best support our ECTs in getting off to a great start in their teaching careers? How can we best equip mentors to provide exceptional support and further develop their skilful practice as coaches? How can you use the ECF reforms to embed a positive culture of ongoing professional learning in your school, in order to have a sustained positive impact on pupils’ learning?


Aimed at head teachers and induction coordinators, this webinar explores the recent changes to the Early Career Framework, the support options available to schools, and will give you the chance to find out more about the Ambition Institute and Advantage Schools partnership.

Why this programme?
With retention an issue across the education sector, investment in teachers’ development has never been more important, especially for those who are just starting out. This brand new, Department for Education-funded programme builds on the thinking behind the Early Career Framework to help educators early in their careers develop expertise,and improve wellbeing and job satisfaction.
You can download Ambition Institute’s Expert Edit publication now for more information about the Early Career Framework and how our Early Career Teachers programme can support your early career teachers.
Retain your staff
Provide the quality professional development and mentoring that new teachers need to consolidate and become effective and satisfied in their roles, and stay in the profession.
Cutting edge insight
Give your early career teachers and mentors access to the best available evidence, alongside internationally-recognised effective practice from around the world.
The Early Career Teachers programme is a blended learning experience. It provides teachers and their mentors with high quality, evidence-informed training and materials, alongside scaffolding to ensure effective mentoring.
What participants learn:
All the ‘learn that’ and ‘learn how to’ content of the Early Career Framework, including behaviour, instruction, curriculum, assessment and self-regulation.
What effective teaching looks like, through specific examples and explanations of how and why this practice works. This will help early career teachers develop expertise in teaching
How to keep getting better, so they can continue to improve and thrive during their career.
How participants learn:
A carefully designed combination of face-to-face training, virtual peer-learning groups, expert-led webinars and weekly video tutorials. These all sit alongside support for effective mentoring.
All content is designed and delivered by experts in teacher education, drawing upon the best available evidence in how teachers learn.
Programme components have been designed intentionally to fit with the demands of schools and the busy lives of teachers. This keeps travel and cover requirements to a minimum, and provides online learning that can be undertaken at any time, in any place, on any device.
“The Early Career Framework and the opportunities it provides to new teachers is a game changer for the sector. We’re really excited to be part of the team delivering this new entitlement for Early Career Teachers and their mentors.”
Marie Hamer, Design and Teaching,  Executive Director Learning, Ambition Institute


  • The content of the early career framework, including behaviour, instruction, curriculum assessment and self-regulation
  • What effective teaching looks like, putting them on the path to becoming an expert in teaching
  • How to keep getting better, so they can continue to improve throughout their careers


  • Improved wellbeing and job satisfaction of early career teachers
  • Attract and retain staff
  • A two-year package of support
  • Further develop the skills of your mentors and induction coordinator
Access our full ECF programme brochure by clicking the image below:


Support and advice for schools is available in our webinar.

Watch our webinar, Successful implementation of the ECF, in which Stuart Lock and Jon Hutchinson (members of the DfE expert group that proposed and wrote the Early Career Framework) explore the rationale and benefits of the reforms to teacher induction, before outlining your options as school leaders in how you implement the changes.


Following this, school leads, mentors and Early Career Teachers share their experience of the early rollout of the ECF programme with Ambition Institute and Advantage Schools.


We have two years’ experience of delivering Ambition Institute’s Early Career Framework programme and a team of fully trained staff ready to facilitate the programme.  Alongside considerable experience delivering professional development to teachers, across the team we have teaching expertise in the primary and secondary sector, in English, maths, science, MFL, the arts, the science of learning and curriculum leadership.


Sallie Stanton

Director of Education and English Specialist, Advantage Schools

Belinda Goodship
ECF Lead, Advantage Schools and Music Teacher, Bedford Free School

Naomi Bell
Director of Maths, Advantage Schools (all through)

Sarah Ciantar
Deputy Head and ECF School Lead, Elstow School (Primary)



Sabera Richardson

Subject leader for history and geography at Queen’s Park Academy (primary)

Julie Bennett

Phase leader and subject leader for maths at Elstow School (primary)

Diana Entwistle

Science teacher at Bedford Free School (secondary)



Chanel McPherson-George

Science Curriculum Lead, Advantage Schools (all-through)


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